Commit a723daca authored by simonpj's avatar simonpj
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[project @ 2003-10-31 12:57:15 by simonpj]

Trim exports
parent 9f092337
......@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ import Type ( -- Re-exports
liftedTypeKind, openTypeKind, mkArrowKind,
mkArrowKinds, mkForAllTy, mkForAllTys,
defaultKind, isTypeKind, isAnyTypeKind,
mkFunTy, mkFunTys, zipFunTys, isTyVarTy,
mkFunTy, mkFunTys, zipFunTys,
mkTyConApp, mkGenTyConApp, mkAppTy,
mkAppTys, mkSynTy, applyTy, applyTys,
mkTyVarTy, mkTyVarTys, mkTyConTy, mkPredTy,
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