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Comments for Trac #7989

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......@@ -1519,9 +1519,10 @@ badFieldsUpd
badFieldsUpd rbinds data_cons
= hang (ptext (sLit "No constructor has all these fields:"))
2 (pprQuotedList conflictingFields)
-- See Note [Finding the conflicting fields]
-- A (preferably small) set of fields such that no constructor contains
-- all of them.
-- all of them. See Note [Finding the conflicting fields]
conflictingFields = case nonMembers of
-- nonMember belongs to a different type.
(nonMember, _) : _ -> [aMember, nonMember]
......@@ -1560,7 +1561,32 @@ badFieldsUpd rbinds data_cons
map (\ item@(_, membershipRow) -> (countTrue membershipRow, item))
countTrue = length . filter id
Note [Finding the conflicting fields]
Suppose we have
data A = A {a0, a1 :: Int}
| B {b0, b1 :: Int}
and we see a record update
x { a0 = 3, a1 = 2, b0 = 4, b1 = 5 }
Then we'd like to find the smallest subset of fields that no
constructor has all of. Here, say, {a0,b0}, or {a0,b1}, etc.
We don't really want to report that no constructor has all of
{a0,a1,b0,b1}, because when there are hundreds of fields it's
hard to see what was really wrong.
We may need more than two fields, though; eg
data T = A { x,y :: Int, v::Int }
| B { y,z :: Int, v::Int }
| C { z,x :: Int, v::Int }
with update
r { x=e1, y=e2, z=e3 }, we
Finding the smallest subset is hard, so the code here makes
a decent stab, no more. See Trac #7989.
naughtyRecordSel :: TcId -> SDoc
naughtyRecordSel sel_id
= ptext (sLit "Cannot use record selector") <+> quotes (ppr sel_id) <+>
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