Commit a7c788e5 authored by Clemens Fruhwirth's avatar Clemens Fruhwirth
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Generate .LC_ indirection-symbols also on x86_64 (as on all other archs running Linux)

parent 8910b7b0
......@@ -857,8 +857,8 @@ pprDynamicLinkerAsmLabel GotSymbolPtr lbl
= pprCLabel lbl <> text "@gotpcrel"
pprDynamicLinkerAsmLabel GotSymbolOffset lbl
= pprCLabel lbl
pprDynamicLinkerAsmLabel _ _
= panic "pprDynamicLinkerAsmLabel"
pprDynamicLinkerAsmLabel SymbolPtr lbl
= text ".LC_" <> pprCLabel lbl
#elif linux_TARGET_OS
pprDynamicLinkerAsmLabel CodeStub lbl
= pprCLabel lbl <> text "@plt"
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