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Remove ghc-pkg from the list of dep files we build during phase 0

I don't think it's necessary to build ghc-pkg that early.
parent 65794254
......@@ -1285,8 +1285,6 @@ endif
# dependencies for those tools, so we build their dependency files
# here.
.PHONY: phase_0_builds
phase_0_builds: $(utils/ghc-pkg_dist_depfile_haskell)
phase_0_builds: $(utils/ghc-pkg_dist_depfile_c_asm)
# hsc2hs is needed, e.g. to make the .hs files for hpc.
phase_0_builds: $(utils/hsc2hs_dist_depfile_haskell)
phase_0_builds: $(utils/hsc2hs_dist_depfile_c_asm)
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