Commit a944b299 authored by rrt's avatar rrt
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[project @ 2001-10-19 14:10:14 by rrt]

Tweak to not run on non-Windows platforms.
parent 625334c8
......@@ -6,12 +6,9 @@ include ($confdir ++ "/../vanilla-test.T")
-- Use this itsy helper fn to pass in an extra flag
def myvtr($extra_comp_args, $a, $b)
-- Only run the tests on Windows
skip when $platform == "i386-unknown-mingw32"
vtr("-package lang -package win32 " ++ $extra_comp_args, $a, $b)
-- Only run the tests on Windows
--if $platform == "i386-unknown-mingw32" then
test "win32001" { myvtr("","","") }
\ No newline at end of file
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