Commit a989cdbe authored by twanvl's avatar twanvl
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Fixed warnings in hsSyn/HsSyn

parent afe447cb
......@@ -9,13 +9,6 @@ which is declared in the various \tr{Hs*} modules. This module,
therefore, is almost nothing but re-exporting.
{-# OPTIONS -w #-}
-- The above warning supression flag is a temporary kludge.
-- While working on this module you are encouraged to remove it and fix
-- any warnings in the module. See
-- for details
module HsSyn (
module HsBinds,
module HsDecls,
......@@ -127,9 +120,11 @@ instance (OutputableBndr name)
pp_modname = ptext SLIT("module") <+> ppr name
pp_mb :: Outputable t => Maybe t -> SDoc
pp_mb (Just x) = ppr x
pp_mb Nothing = empty
pp_nonnull :: Outputable t => [t] -> SDoc
pp_nonnull [] = empty
pp_nonnull xs = vcat (map ppr xs)
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