Commit aa600332 authored by sof's avatar sof

[project @ 1997-08-25 22:27:30 by sof]

Updated to reflect RecordCon change
parent 580a1e57
......@@ -349,10 +349,10 @@ rnExpr (ExplicitTuple exps)
rnExprs exps `thenRn` \ (exps', fvExps) ->
returnRn (ExplicitTuple exps', fvExps)
rnExpr (RecordCon (HsVar con) rbinds)
rnExpr (RecordCon con rbinds)
= lookupOccRn con `thenRn` \ conname ->
rnRbinds "construction" rbinds `thenRn` \ (rbinds', fvRbinds) ->
returnRn (RecordCon (HsVar conname) rbinds', fvRbinds)
returnRn (RecordCon conname rbinds', fvRbinds)
rnExpr (RecordUpd expr rbinds)
= rnExpr expr `thenRn` \ (expr', fvExpr) ->
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