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Update comments in test tcfail132

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-- Fails with a kind error.
-- The current error message is rather horrible:
-- The current error message was rather horrible (trac bug #312):
-- Kind error: Expecting kind `k_a1JA -> k_a1JE -> k_a1JI -> *',
-- but `DUnit t' has kind `k_a1JA -> k_a1JE -> *'
-- but we can't tidy kinds at the moment, becuase they don't have OccNames.
-- as we couldn't tidy kinds, becuase they didn't have OccNames.
-- This test recalls the bad error message.
-- One way to improve matters would be to compile type defns in dependency order
-- I'm not sure when we stopped doing so; and stopping doing so at least means that
-- uses can influence kinds...
module ShouldFail where
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