Commit aceb3e89 authored by AndreasVoellmy's avatar AndreasVoellmy Committed by tibbe

Fix bug that caused ghci to create a large number of kqueues and pipes on OS X.

This is caused because ensureIOManagerIsRunning is repeatedly called and this was initializing new IO managers on each call. Fixed so that a new manager is not created if one already exists.
parent ebf3787a
......@@ -276,11 +276,7 @@ startIOManagerThread eventManagerArray i = do
-- See #4449
M.cleanup em
_other -> do
-- Another thread is currently servicing the manager loop.
-- Tell it to exit and start a new thread to work on the loop.
M.release em
_other -> return ()
startTimerManagerThread :: IO ()
startTimerManagerThread = modifyMVar_ timerManagerThreadVar $ \old -> do
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