Commit ad0b9432 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Fix some cases where we were leaving slop in the heap (#8515, #8298)

parent 5b0b83be
......@@ -432,18 +432,26 @@ cgCase scrut bndr alt_type alts
; mb_cc <- maybeSaveCostCentre simple_scrut
-- if do_gc then our sequel will be ReturnTo
-- - generate code for the sequel now
-- - pass info about the sequel to cgAlts for use in the heap check
-- else sequel will be AssignTo
; ret_kind <- withSequel (AssignTo alt_regs False) (cgExpr scrut)
; let sequel = AssignTo alt_regs do_gc{- Note [scrut sequel] -}
; ret_kind <- withSequel sequel (cgExpr scrut)
; restoreCurrentCostCentre mb_cc
; _ <- bindArgsToRegs ret_bndrs
; cgAlts (gc_plan,ret_kind) (NonVoid bndr) alt_type alts
Note [scrut sequel]
The job of the scrutinee is to assign its value(s) to alt_regs.
Additionally, if we plan to do a heap-check in the alternatives (see
Note [Compiling case expressions]), then we *must* retreat Hp to
recover any unused heap before passing control to the sequel. If we
don't do this, then any unused heap will become slop because the heap
check will reset the heap usage. Slop in the heap breaks LDV profiling
(+RTS -hb) which needs to do a linear sweep through the nursery.
maybeSaveCostCentre :: Bool -> FCode (Maybe LocalReg)
maybeSaveCostCentre simple_scrut
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