Commit ada91343 authored by sof's avatar sof
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[project @ 1998-06-01 12:28:39 by sof]

Turn off pruning of newtypes, the code generator may need to see constructor
parent 065e27a7
......@@ -618,6 +618,10 @@ getNonWiredDataDecl needed_name
ty_decl@(TyData new_or_data context tycon tyvars condecls derivings pragmas src_loc)
| needed_name == tycon_name
&& opt_PruneTyDecls
-- don't prune newtypes, as the code generator may
-- want to peer inside a newtype type constructor
-- (ClosureInfo.fun_result_ty is the culprit.)
&& not (new_or_data == NewType)
&& not (nameUnique needed_name `elem` cCallishTyKeys)
-- Hack! Don't prune these tycons whose constructors
-- the desugarer must be able to see when desugaring
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