Commit aee45d9e authored by Vladislav Zavialov's avatar Vladislav Zavialov Committed by Marge Bot

Improve NegativeLiterals (#18022, GHC Proposal #344)

Before this patch, NegativeLiterals used to parse x-1 as x (-1).

This may not be what the user expects, and now it is fixed:
x-1 is parsed as (-) x 1.

We achieve this by the following requirement:

  * When lexing a negative literal,
    it must not be preceded by a 'closing token'.

This also applies to unboxed literals, e.g. -1#.

See GHC Proposal #229 for the definition of a closing token.

A nice consequence of this change is that -XNegativeLiterals becomes a
subset of -XLexicalNegation. In other words, enabling both of those
extensions has the same effect as enabling -XLexicalNegation alone.
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