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Simpler, more self-contained, "make dist"

This version does all its work in a subdirectory (no more destructive
'make distclean' in the current build tree), and results in the exact
-src.tar.bz2 distributions that we will put up for download.
parent 22bbcd1d
......@@ -415,44 +415,41 @@ SRC_DIST_DIR=$(shell pwd)/$(SRC_DIST_NAME)
# Files to include in source distributions
SRC_DIST_DIRS += docs distrib $(filter-out docs distrib,$(SUBDIRS))
SRC_DIST_DIRS += mk docs distrib $(filter-out docs distrib,$(SUBDIRS))
SRC_DIST_FILES += \ config.guess config.sub configure \
aclocal.m4 README ANNOUNCE HACKING LICENSE Makefile install-sh \ mk/ \
mk/ mk/ mk/ mk/ \
mk/ mk/ mk/ mk/ \
mk/fptools.css mk/
# clean the tree first, leaving certain extra files in place (eg. configure)
dist :: distclean
dist ::
-rm -rf $(SRC_DIST_DIR)
-$(RM) $(SRC_DIST_NAME).tar.gz
mkdir $(SRC_DIST_DIR)
mkdir $(SRC_DIST_DIR)/mk
$(FIND) $(SRC_DIST_DIRS) -type d \( -name _darcs -prune -o -name SRC -prune -o -name "autom4te*" -prune -o -print \) | sed -e 's!.*!mkdir "$(SRC_DIST_DIR)/&"!' | sh
$(FIND) $(SRC_DIST_DIRS) $(SRC_DIST_FILES) -name _darcs -prune -o -name SRC -prune -o -name "autom4te*" -prune -o -name "*~" -prune -o -name ".cvsignore" -prune -o -name "\#*" -prune -o -name ".\#*" -prune -o -name "log" -prune -o -name "*-SAVE" -prune -o -name "*.orig" -prune -o -name "*.rej" -prune -o ! -type d -print | sed -e 's!.*!$(LN_S) "$(FPTOOLS_TOP_ABS)/&" "$(SRC_DIST_DIR)/&"!' | sh
# Automatic generation of a MANIFEST file for a source distribution
# tree that is ready to go.
dist-manifest ::
cd $(SRC_DIST_DIR); $(FIND) . \( -type l -o -type f \) -exec ls -lLG {} \; | sed -e 's/\.\///' > MANIFEST
dist-package :: dist-package-tar-gz
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Source distributions
dist-package-tar-bz2 ::
BZIP2=-9 $(TAR) chjf $(SRC_DIST_NAME)-src.tar.bz2 $(SRC_DIST_NAME) || $(RM) $(SRC_DIST_NAME)-src.tar.bz2
# A source dist is built from a complete build tree, because we
# require some extra files not contained in a darcs checkout: the
# output from Happy and Alex, for example.
# The steps performed by 'make dist' are as follows:
# - create a complete link-tree of the current build tree in /tmp
# - run 'make distclean' on that tree
# - remove a bunch of other files that we know shouldn't be in the dist
# - tar up first the extralibs package, then the main source package
dist-package-tar-gz ::
$(TAR) chzf $(SRC_DIST_NAME)-src.tar.gz $(SRC_DIST_NAME) || $(RM) $(SRC_DIST_NAME)-src.tar.gz
EXTRA_LIBS=$(patsubst %, $(SRC_DIST_NAME)/libraries/%, $(shell cat libraries/extra-packages))
dist-package-zip ::
cd ..; $(LN_S) $(FPTOOLS_TOP_ABS) $(SRC_DIST_NAME) && \
dist ::
$(RM) -rf $(SRC_DIST_DIR)
$(RM) $(SRC_DIST_NAME).tar.gz
mkdir $(SRC_DIST_DIR)
( cd $(SRC_DIST_DIR) \
&& for i in $(SRC_DIST_DIRS); do mkdir $$i; (cd $$i && lndir $(FPTOOLS_TOP_ABS)/$$i ); done \
&& for i in $(SRC_DIST_FILES); do $(LN_S) $(FPTOOLS_TOP_ABS)/$$i .; done \
&& $(MAKE) distclean \
&& $(RM) -rf compiler/stage[123] mk/ \
&& $(FIND) $(SRC_DIST_DIRS) \( -name _darcs -o -name SRC -o -name "autom4te*" -o -name "*~" -o -name ".cvsignore" -o -name "\#*" -o -name ".\#*" -o -name "log" -o -name "*-SAVE" -o -name "*.orig" -o -name "*.rej" \) -print | xargs $(RM) -rf \
tar chf - $(EXTRA_LIBS) | bzip2 >$(FPTOOLS_TOP_ABS)/ghc-$(ProjectVersion)-src-extralibs.tar.bz2
$(RM) -rf $(EXTRA_LIBS)
tar chf - $(SRC_DIST_NAME) 2>$src_log | bzip2 >$(FPTOOLS_TOP_ABS)/ghc-$(ProjectVersion)-src.tar.bz2
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# HC file bundles
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