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Fix Ticky histogram on Windows

The histogram types are defined in `Ticky.c` as `StgInt` values.


which means they'll be `32-bits` on `x86` and `64-bits` on `x86_64`.

However the `bumpHistogram` in `StgCmmTicky` is incrementing them as if
they're a `cLong`. A long on Windows `x86_64` is `32-bit`.

As such when then value for the `_hst_1` is being set what it's actually doing
is setting the value of the high bits of the first entry.

This ends up giving us `0b‭100000000000000000000000000000000‬` or `4294967296`
as is displayed in the ticket on #8308.

Since `StgInt` is defined using the `WORD` size. Just use that directly in

Also since `cLong` is no longer used after this commit it will also be dropped.

Test Plan: make TEST=T8308

Reviewers: mlen, jstolarek, bgamari, thomie, goldfire, simonmar, austin

Reviewed By: bgamari, thomie

Subscribers: #ghc_windows_task_force

Differential Revision:

GHC Trac Issues: #8308
parent c22ab1a6
......@@ -3,14 +3,14 @@
module CmmType
( CmmType -- Abstract
, b8, b16, b32, b64, b128, b256, b512, f32, f64, bWord, bHalfWord, gcWord
, cInt, cLong
, cInt
, cmmBits, cmmFloat
, typeWidth, cmmEqType, cmmEqType_ignoring_ptrhood
, isFloatType, isGcPtrType, isWord32, isWord64, isFloat64, isFloat32
, Width(..)
, widthInBits, widthInBytes, widthInLog, widthFromBytes
, wordWidth, halfWordWidth, cIntWidth, cLongWidth
, wordWidth, halfWordWidth, cIntWidth
, halfWordMask
, narrowU, narrowS
, rEP_CostCentreStack_mem_alloc
......@@ -129,10 +129,8 @@ bHalfWord dflags = cmmBits (halfWordWidth dflags)
gcWord :: DynFlags -> CmmType
gcWord dflags = CmmType GcPtrCat (wordWidth dflags)
cInt, cLong :: DynFlags -> CmmType
cInt dflags = cmmBits (cIntWidth dflags)
cLong dflags = cmmBits (cLongWidth dflags)
cInt :: DynFlags -> CmmType
cInt dflags = cmmBits (cIntWidth dflags)
------------ Predicates ----------------
isFloatType, isGcPtrType :: CmmType -> Bool
......@@ -207,15 +205,11 @@ halfWordMask dflags
| otherwise = panic "MachOp.halfWordMask: Unknown word size"
-- cIntRep is the Width for a C-language 'int'
cIntWidth, cLongWidth :: DynFlags -> Width
cIntWidth :: DynFlags -> Width
cIntWidth dflags = case cINT_SIZE dflags of
4 -> W32
8 -> W64
s -> panic ("cIntWidth: Unknown cINT_SIZE: " ++ show s)
cLongWidth dflags = case cLONG_SIZE dflags of
4 -> W32
8 -> W64
s -> panic ("cIntWidth: Unknown cLONG_SIZE: " ++ show s)
widthInBits :: Width -> Int
widthInBits W8 = 8
......@@ -499,12 +499,12 @@ tickyAllocHeap genuine hp
(CmmLit (cmmLabelOffB ticky_ctr (oFFSET_StgEntCounter_allocs dflags)))
-- Bump the global allocation total ALLOC_HEAP_tot
addToMemLbl (cLong dflags)
addToMemLbl (bWord dflags)
(mkCmmDataLabel rtsUnitId (fsLit "ALLOC_HEAP_tot"))
-- Bump the global allocation counter ALLOC_HEAP_ctr
if not genuine then mkNop
else addToMemLbl (cLong dflags)
else addToMemLbl (bWord dflags)
(mkCmmDataLabel rtsUnitId (fsLit "ALLOC_HEAP_ctr"))
......@@ -613,11 +613,11 @@ bumpHistogram :: FastString -> Int -> FCode ()
bumpHistogram lbl n = do
dflags <- getDynFlags
let offset = n `min` (tICKY_BIN_COUNT dflags - 1)
emit (addToMem (cLong dflags)
emit (addToMem (bWord dflags)
(cmmIndexExpr dflags
(cLongWidth dflags)
(wordWidth dflags)
(CmmLit (CmmLabel (mkCmmDataLabel rtsUnitId lbl)))
(CmmLit (CmmInt (fromIntegral offset) (cLongWidth dflags))))
(CmmLit (CmmInt (fromIntegral offset) (wordWidth dflags))))
test('T8308', when(opsys('mingw32'), expect_broken(8308)),
test('T8308', normal,
run_command, ['$MAKE -s --no-print-directory T8308'])
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