Commit b084ad51 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Missing stage1's in hc-build

Add mising stage1/ directories to object files touched by hc-build, and
give stage=1 as an argument to make install.
parent 8c839b09
......@@ -105,6 +105,6 @@ $MAKE -C libraries boot all
# The reconfigure step updates a few files, which can lead to
# unnecessary recompilations. Touch a bunch of things here to avoid
# having to recompile stuff that we've already built.
(cd compiler; touch $PRIMOP_BITS parser/hschooks.o prelude/PrimOp.o main/Config.hs main/Config.o ghc-*)
(cd compiler; touch $PRIMOP_BITS stage1/parser/hschooks.o stage1/prelude/PrimOp.o main/Config.hs stage1/main/Config.o stage1/ghc-* ghc-*)
# At this point, the tree should be safe to do 'make install' in.
# At this point, the tree should be safe to do 'make install stage=1' in.
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