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[project @ 2005-10-17 11:10:36 by simonpj]

Small simplifier bug in case optimisation

The simplifier eliminates redundant case branches, and panics if there
are no case alternatives.  But due to a slightly delayed instantiation
of a type constructor variable 'p' by a type constructor 'P', it turned
out that an inner case had no alternatives at all, becuase an outer case
had not pruned a branch as quickly as it should have.

This commit fixes both problems:

a) SimplUtils.mkCase1 now returns a call to 'error' (instead of panicing)
   when it gets an empty list of alternatives.   Somewhat analogous to
   the inaccessible GADT case in Simplify.simplifyAlt

b) In SimplUtils.prepareDefault, use the up-to-date scrutinee, rather than
   the less up-to-date case_bndr, to get the case type constructor.  That
   leads to slightly earlier pruning of inaccessible branches.

Fixes a bug reported by Ian Lynagh.

Test is simplCore/should_compile/simpl013
parent e8883060
......@@ -34,8 +34,10 @@ import CoreUtils ( cheapEqExpr, exprType, exprIsTrivial, exprIsCheap,
etaExpand, exprEtaExpandArity, bindNonRec, mkCoerce2,
findDefault, exprOkForSpeculation, exprIsHNF
import Literal ( mkStringLit )
import CoreUnfold ( smallEnoughToInline )
import Id ( idType, isDataConWorkId, idOccInfo, isDictId, idArity,
import MkId ( eRROR_ID )
import Id ( idType, isDataConWorkId, idOccInfo, isDictId,
mkSysLocal, isDeadBinder, idNewDemandInfo, isExportedId,
idUnfolding, idNewStrictness, idInlinePragma,
......@@ -49,7 +51,7 @@ import TyCon ( tyConDataCons_maybe, isAlgTyCon, isNewTyCon )
import DataCon ( dataConRepArity, dataConTyVars, dataConInstArgTys, isVanillaDataCon )
import Var ( tyVarKind, mkTyVar )
import VarSet
import BasicTypes ( TopLevelFlag(..), isTopLevel, isNotTopLevel, OccInfo(..), isLoopBreaker, isOneOcc,
import BasicTypes ( TopLevelFlag(..), isNotTopLevel, OccInfo(..), isLoopBreaker, isOneOcc,
Activation, isAlwaysActive, isActive )
import Util ( lengthExceeds )
import Outputable
......@@ -1116,7 +1118,7 @@ of the inner case y, which give us nowhere to go!
prepareAlts :: OutExpr -- Scrutinee
-> InId -- Case binder
-> InId -- Case binder (passed only to use in statistics)
-> [InAlt] -- Increasing order
-> SimplM ([InAlt], -- Better alternatives, still incresaing order
[AltCon]) -- These cases are handled
......@@ -1142,14 +1144,17 @@ prepareAlts scrut case_bndr alts
-- Filter out the default, if it can't happen,
-- or replace it with "proper" alternative if there
-- is only one constructor left
prepareDefault case_bndr handled_cons maybe_deflt `thenSmpl` \ deflt_alt ->
prepareDefault scrut case_bndr handled_cons maybe_deflt `thenSmpl` \ deflt_alt ->
returnSmpl (mergeAlts better_alts deflt_alt, handled_cons)
-- We need the mergeAlts in case the new default_alt
-- has turned into a constructor alternative.
prepareDefault case_bndr handled_cons (Just rhs)
| Just (tycon, inst_tys) <- splitTyConApp_maybe (idType case_bndr),
prepareDefault scrut case_bndr handled_cons (Just rhs)
| Just (tycon, inst_tys) <- splitTyConApp_maybe (exprType scrut),
-- Use exprType scrut here, rather than idType case_bndr, because
-- case_bndr is an InId, so exprType scrut may have more information
-- Test simpl013 is an example
isAlgTyCon tycon, -- It's a data type, tuple, or unboxed tuples.
not (isNewTyCon tycon), -- We can have a newtype, if we are just doing an eval:
-- case x of { DEFAULT -> e }
......@@ -1182,7 +1187,7 @@ prepareDefault case_bndr handled_cons (Just rhs)
| otherwise
= returnSmpl [(DEFAULT, [], rhs)]
prepareDefault case_bndr handled_cons Nothing
prepareDefault scrut case_bndr handled_cons Nothing
= returnSmpl []
mk_args missing_con inst_tys
......@@ -1488,11 +1493,14 @@ I don't really know how to improve this situation.
-- 0. Check for empty alternatives
#ifdef DEBUG
-- This isn't strictly an error. It's possible that the simplifer might "see"
-- that an inner case has no accessible alternatives before it "sees" that the
-- entire branch of an outer case is inaccessible. So we simply
-- put an error case here insteadd
mkCase1 scrut case_bndr ty []
= pprTrace "mkCase1: null alts" (ppr case_bndr <+> ppr scrut) $
returnSmpl scrut
return (mkApps (Var eRROR_ID)
[Type ty, Lit (mkStringLit "Impossible alternative")])
-- 1. Eliminate the case altogether if poss
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