Commit b1af0aed authored by Ryan Scott's avatar Ryan Scott

Accept T15828 test output

This test output changed slightly due to commit
2257a86d (which is expected).
parent 8d7496c4
T15828.hs:9:20: error:
T15828.hs:9:3: error:
• Type indexes must match class instance head
Expected: T (Maybe a1) <tv>
Actual: T (Maybe a) b
where the `<tv>' arguments are type variables,
distinct from each other and from the instance variables
Expected: T (Maybe a) _
Actual: T (Maybe a) b -- Defined at T15828.hs:9:20
• In the type instance declaration for ‘T’
In the instance declaration for ‘C (Maybe a)’
\ No newline at end of file
In the instance declaration for ‘C (Maybe a)’
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