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Remove documentation that a feature was missing, because it is not. (#5896)

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......@@ -2177,17 +2177,10 @@ f "2" = 2
enabling the parallel garbage collector (see
<xref linkend="rts-options-gc" />).</para>
<para>There is no means (currently) by which this value
may vary after the program has started.</para>
<para>The current value of the <option>-N</option> option
is available to the Haskell program
via <literal>Control.Concurrent.getNumCapabilities</literal>, and
it may be changed while the program is running by
calling <literal>Control.Concurrent.setNumCapabilities</literal>.
Note: in the current implementation,
the <option>-N</option> value may only
be <emphasis>increased</emphasis>, not decreased, by
calling <literal>Control.Concurrent.setNumCapabilities</literal>.</para>
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