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[project @ 2001-11-09 16:41:15 by simonpj]

	Fix an obscure overlapping-instance bug


When searching for instances, we used bale out if the type
we seek could be instantiated to match the instance (because
it might be so instantiated later, in which case we don't
want to miss the opportunity).

The bug was that we used *matching* whereas we should use

Comments in the file InstEnv.
parent 41a551e3
......@@ -220,6 +220,18 @@ exists.
BUT NOTE [Nov 2001]: we must actually *unify* not reverse-match in
this test. Suppose the instance envt had
..., forall a b. C a a b, ..., forall a b c. C a b c, ...
(still most specific first)
Now suppose we are looking for (C x y Int), where x and y are unconstrained.
C x y Int doesn't match the template {a,b} C a a b
but neither does
C a a b match the template {x,y} C x y Int
But still x and y might subsequently be unified so they *do* match.
Simple story: unify, don't match.
%* *
......@@ -266,14 +278,17 @@ lookupInstEnv env key_cls key_tys
find ((tpl_tyvars, tpl, dfun_id) : rest)
= case matchTys tpl_tyvars tpl key_tys of
Nothing ->
-- Check for reverse match, so that
-- Check whether the things unify, so that
-- we bale out if a later instantiation of this
-- predicate might match this instance
-- [see notes about overlapping instances above]
case matchTys key_vars key_tys tpl of
Nothing -> find rest
Just (_, _) -> NoMatch (any_match rest)
case unifyTyListsX (key_vars `unionVarSet` tpl_tyvars) key_tys tpl of
Nothing -> find rest
Just _ -> NoMatch (any_match rest)
Just (subst, leftovers) -> ASSERT( null leftovers )
pprTrace "lookupInst" (vcat [text "look:" <+> ppr key_cls <+> ppr key_tys,
text "found:" <+> ppr dfun_id,
text "env:" <+> ppr (classInstEnv env key_cls)]) $
FoundInst subst dfun_id
any_match rest = or [ maybeToBool (matchTys tvs tpl key_tys)
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