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x-ref INCLUDE pragmas
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......@@ -500,12 +500,20 @@ $ cat foo.hspp</screen>
<para>If you are compiling with lots of foreign calls, you may
need to tell the C&nbsp;compiler about some
<literal>&num;include</literal> files. There is no real pretty
way to do this, but you can use this hack from the
<literal>&num;include</literal> files. The Right Way to do this is to
add an <literal>INCLUDE</literal> pragma to the top of your source file
(<xref linkend="include-pragma" />):</para>
<programlisting>{-# INCLUDE &lt;X/Xlib.h&gt; #-}</programlisting>
<para>Sometimes this isn't convenient. In those cases there's an
equivalent command-line option:</para>
<screen>% ghc -c '-#include &lt;X/Xlib.h&gt;' Xstuff.lhs</screen>
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