Commit b2b9ba4a authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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MERGE from 6.6: Windows fix for stdcall foreign-import-wrapper, fixes ffi012(ghci)

parent dc8d5354
......@@ -370,6 +370,12 @@ mkBits findLabel st proto_insns
= do st_I1 <- addToSS st_I0 (getName dcon)
return (sizeSS st_I0, (st_i0,st_l0,st_p0,st_I1))
#ifdef mingw32_TARGET_OS
literal st (MachLabel fs (Just sz))
= litlabel st (appendFS fs (mkFastString ('@':show sz)))
-- On Windows, stdcall labels have a suffix indicating the no. of
-- arg words, e.g. foo@8. testcase: ffi012(ghci)
literal st (MachLabel fs _) = litlabel st fs
literal st (MachWord w) = int st (fromIntegral w)
literal st (MachInt j) = int st (fromIntegral j)
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