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base: Drop out-of-date comment

The comment in GHC.Base claimed that ($) couldn't be used in that module
as it was wired-in. However, this is no longer true; ($) is merely known
key and is defined in Haskell (with a RuntimeRep-polymorphic type) in

The one piece of magic that ($) retains is that it a special typing
rule to allow type inference with higher-rank types
(e.g. `runST $ blah`; see Note [Typing rule for ($)] in TcExpr).
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NOTA BENE: Do NOT use ($) anywhere in this module! The type of ($) is
slightly magical (it can return unlifted types), and it is wired in.
But, it is also *defined* in this module, with a non-magical type.
GHC gets terribly confused (and *hangs*) if you try to use ($) in this
module, because it has different types in different scenarios.
This is not a problem in general, because the type ($), being wired in, is not
written out to the interface file, so importing files don't get confused.
The problem is only if ($) is used here. So don't!
The overall structure of the GHC Prelude is a bit tricky.
a) We want to avoid "orphan modules", i.e. ones with instance
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