Commit b3ecd047 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Elaborate test for #11376

This just adds the Prox stuff from the Description in Trac #11376
to the test case,

The class stuff seems weird becuase the type is ambiguous
parent 90d7d608
......@@ -3,4 +3,10 @@ let { bar :: Show a => a -> b -> a; bar = error "urk" }
:type bar @Int
:set -fprint-explicit-foralls
:type bar @Int
:set -fprint-explicit-kinds -XTypeApplications -XTypeInType
data Prox a = Prox
let { prox :: Prox a; prox = Prox }
:t prox
:t prox @Int
:t Prox
:t Prox @Int
bar @Int :: Int -> b -> Int
bar @Int :: forall {b}. Int -> b -> Int
prox :: forall {k} {a :: k}. Prox k a
prox @Int :: Prox * Int
Prox :: forall {k} {a :: k}. Prox k a
Prox @Int :: Prox * Int
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