Commit b4ad75e9 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Catch any exceptions thrown by getEnv; fixes #1704

parent 015d0995
......@@ -1811,8 +1811,9 @@ findBreakByCoord mb_file (line, col) arr
-- TERM to vt100 for other reasons) we get carets.
-- We really ought to use a proper termcap/terminfo library.
do_bold :: Bool
do_bold = unsafePerformIO (System.Environment.getEnv "TERM") `elem`
["xterm", "linux"]
do_bold = unsafePerformIO mTerm `elem` ["xterm", "linux"]
where mTerm = System.Environment.getEnv "TERM"
`Exception.catch` \e -> return "TERM not set"
start_bold :: String
start_bold = "\ESC[1m"
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