Commit b4c78623 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh

Monir tweaks to annrun01

parent 1c400625
......@@ -16,29 +16,31 @@ import qualified Language.Haskell.TH as TH
import Data.List
import Data.Function
main :: IO ()
main = defaultErrorHandler defaultLogAction
$ runGhc (Just cTop) $ do
liftIO $ putStrLn "Initializing Package Database"
dflags <- getSessionDynFlags
let dflags' = dflags
setSessionDynFlags dflags'
let mod_nm = mkModuleName "Annrun01_Help"
liftIO $ putStrLn "Setting Target"
setTargets [Target (TargetModule mod_nm) True Nothing]
liftIO $ putStrLn "Loading Targets"
load LoadAllTargets
liftIO $ putStrLn "Finding Module"
mod <- findModule mod_nm Nothing
liftIO $ putStrLn "Getting Module Info"
Just mod_info <- getModuleInfo mod
liftIO $ putStrLn "Showing Details For Module"
showTargetAnns (ModuleTarget mod)
liftIO $ putStrLn "Showing Details For Exports"
mapM (showTargetAnns . NamedTarget) $ sortBy (compare `on` getOccName) $ modInfoExports mod_info
let exports = sortBy (compare `on` getOccName) $ modInfoExports mod_info
mapM_ (showTargetAnns . NamedTarget) exports
showTargetAnns :: CoreAnnTarget -> Ghc ()
showTargetAnns target = do
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