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Update the contents of the library directy in the user guide

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......@@ -420,16 +420,17 @@ truncates them. Similarly <filename>ghci</filename> is a C wrapper program that
<para>The layout of the library directory, <filename>$(libdir)</filename>,
is almost identical on
Windows and Unix, as follows. Differences between Windows and Unix
are annoted <literal>[Win32 only]</literal> and are commented below.</para>
are annotated <literal>[Win32 only]</literal> and are commented below.</para>
package.conf GHC package configuration
ghc-usage.txt Message displayed by ghc &ndash;&ndash;help
ghci-usage.txt Message displayed by ghci &ndash;&ndash;help
bin/ [Win32 only] User-visible binaries
unlit Remove literate markup
......@@ -440,7 +441,7 @@ are annoted <literal>[Win32 only]</literal> and are commented below.</para>
ghc-x.xx GHC executable [Unix only]
ghc-split Asm code splitter
ghc-asm Asm code mangler
ghc-asm Asm code mangler
gcc-lib/ [Win32 only] Support files for gcc
specs gcc configuration
......@@ -450,32 +451,31 @@ are annoted <literal>[Win32 only]</literal> and are commented below.</para>
crt0.o Standard
..etc.. binaries
..etc.. binaries
libmingw32.a Standard
..etc.. libraries
..etc.. libraries
*.h Include files
imports/ GHC interface files
std/*.hi 'std' library
lang/*.hi 'lang' library
hslibs-imports/ GHC interface files for the...
ghc/*.hi ...'ghc' library
include/ C header files
StgMacros.h GHC-specific
..etc... header files
..etc.. header files
mingw/*.h [Win32 only] Mingwin header files
libHSrts.a GHC library archives
lib/ GHC's library
libHSrts*.a GHC RTS archive
libHSghc.a GHC package archive
HSstd1.o GHC library linkables
HSstd2.o (used by ghci, which does
HSlang.o not grok .a files yet)
HSrts.o GHC RTS linkable, used by ghci
HSghc.o GHC package linkable, used by ghci
<para>Note that:
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