Commit b626cb08 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Make Derived NomEq rewrite only Derived NomEq

See Note [Deriveds do rewrite Deriveds].  The important point
is that we want to maintain the Note [Can-rewrite relation]
property, lest we risk loops.
parent 0d715db8
......@@ -1528,7 +1528,7 @@ eqCanRewriteFR :: CtFlavourRole -> CtFlavourRole -> Bool
-- See Note [Deriveds do rewrite Deriveds]
eqCanRewriteFR (Given, NomEq) (_, _) = True
eqCanRewriteFR (Given, ReprEq) (_, ReprEq) = True
eqCanRewriteFR (Derived, NomEq) (Derived, _) = True
eqCanRewriteFR (Derived, NomEq) (Derived, NomEq) = True
eqCanRewriteFR _ _ = False
canRewriteOrSame :: CtEvidence -> CtEvidence -> Bool
......@@ -1566,6 +1566,16 @@ Note [Deriveds do rewrite Deriveds]
However we DO allow Deriveds to rewrite Deriveds, because that's how
improvement works; see Note [The improvement story] in TcInteract.
However, for now at least I'm only letting (Derived,NomEq) rewrite
(Derived,NomEq) and not doing anything for ReprEq. If we have
eqCanRewriteFR (Derived, NomEq) (Derived, _) = True
then we lose the property of Note [Can-rewrite relation]
R2. If f1 >= f, and f2 >= f,
then either f1 >= f2 or f2 >= f1
Consider f1 = (Given, ReprEq)
f2 = (Derived, NomEq)
f = (Derived, ReprEq)
Note [canRewriteOrSame]
canRewriteOrSame is similar but
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