Commit b795637f authored by Alp Mestanogullari's avatar Alp Mestanogullari Committed by Marge Bot

hadrian: fix Windows CI script

By only using 'export' from within bash commands.
parent 2d4f9ad8
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......@@ -770,9 +770,8 @@ validate-x86_64-linux-fedora27:
bash -c './configure --enable-tarballs-autodownload GHC=`pwd`/toolchain/bin/ghc HAPPY=`pwd`/toolchain/bin/happy ALEX=`pwd`/toolchain/bin/alex'
- bash -c "PATH=`pwd`/toolchain/bin:$PATH hadrian/ --flavour=$FLAVOUR -j`mk/` --flavour=Quick --docs=no-sphinx binary-dist"
- mv _build/bindist/ghc*.tar.xz ghc.tar.xz
- export TOP=$(pwd)
- bash -c "cd _build/bindist/ghc-*/ && PATH=`pwd`/toolchain/bin:$PATH ./configure --prefix=$TOP/_build/install && make install && cd ../../../"
- bash -c "PATH=`pwd`/toolchain/bin:$PATH hadrian/ --flavour=$FLAVOUR -j`mk/` --flavour=quick test --summary-junit=./junit.xml --skip-perf --test-compiler=$TOP/_build/install/bin/ghc"
- bash -c "export TOP=$(pwd); cd _build/bindist/ghc-*/ && PATH=$TOP/toolchain/bin:$PATH ./configure --prefix=$TOP/_build/install && make install && cd ../../../"
- bash -c "export TOP=$(pwd); PATH=$TOP/toolchain/bin:$PATH hadrian/ --flavour=$FLAVOUR -j`mk/` --flavour=quick test --summary-junit=./junit.xml --skip-perf --test-compiler=$TOP/_build/install/bin/ghc"
# skipping perf tests for now since we build a quick-flavoured GHC,
# which might result in some broken perf tests?
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