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Remove dead code

parent d5b36258
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ module VectUtils (
TyConRepr(..), mkTyConRepr,
mkToArrPRepr, mkFromPRepr, mkFromArrPRepr,
mkToArrPRepr, mkFromArrPRepr,
mkPADictType, mkPArrayType, mkPReprType,
parrayCoerce, parrayReprTyCon, parrayReprDataCon, mkVScrut,
......@@ -194,39 +194,6 @@ mkToArrPRepr len sel ess
liftM fst (mk_sum =<< mapM mk_prod ess)
mkFromPRepr :: CoreExpr -> Type -> [([Var], CoreExpr)] -> VM CoreExpr
mkFromPRepr scrut res_ty alts
= do
sum_tcs <- builtins sumTyCon
prod_tcs <- builtins prodTyCon
let un_sum expr ty [(vars, res)] = un_prod expr ty vars res
un_sum expr ty bs
= do
ps <- mapM (newLocalVar FSLIT("p")) tys
bodies <- sequence
$ zipWith4 un_prod (map Var ps) tys vars rs
return . Case expr (mkWildId ty) res_ty
$ zipWith3 mk_alt sum_dcs ps bodies
(vars, rs) = unzip bs
tys = splitFixedTyConApp sum_tc ty
sum_tc = sum_tcs $ length bs
sum_dcs = tyConDataCons sum_tc
mk_alt dc p body = (DataAlt dc, [p], body)
un_prod expr ty [] r = return r
un_prod expr ty [var] r = return $ Let (NonRec var expr) r
un_prod expr ty vars r
= return $ Case expr (mkWildId ty) res_ty
[(DataAlt prod_dc, vars, r)]
prod_tc = prod_tcs $ length vars
[prod_dc] = tyConDataCons prod_tc
un_sum scrut (exprType scrut) alts
mkFromArrPRepr :: CoreExpr -> Type -> Var -> Var -> [[Var]] -> CoreExpr
-> VM CoreExpr
mkFromArrPRepr scrut res_ty len sel vars res
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