Commit b98267ad authored by batterseapower's avatar batterseapower
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Remove the "Ghastly special case" from dataTcOccs

This special case was introduced in 228c4743 to
'Fix problem with :i for (:)' but the associated Note
doesn't explain why (:) deserves this treatment but not
e.g. Left and Right.

Removing the special case does not break anything
(including :i (:)) so I guess this is no longer necessary.


parent c02ff7c7
......@@ -50,9 +50,7 @@ import NameEnv
import Module ( ModuleName, moduleName )
import UniqFM
import DataCon ( dataConFieldLabels )
import PrelNames ( mkUnboundName, rOOT_MAIN, consDataConKey, forall_tv_RDR )
import Unique
import BasicTypes
import PrelNames ( mkUnboundName, rOOT_MAIN, forall_tv_RDR )
import ErrUtils ( Message )
import SrcLoc
import Outputable
......@@ -675,21 +673,11 @@ dataTcOccs :: RdrName -> [RdrName]
-- constructor. This is useful when we aren't sure which we are
-- looking at.
dataTcOccs rdr_name
| Just n <- isExact_maybe rdr_name -- Ghastly special case
, n `hasKey` consDataConKey = [rdr_name] -- see note below
| isDataOcc occ = [rdr_name, rdr_name_tc]
| otherwise = [rdr_name]
occ = rdrNameOcc rdr_name
rdr_name_tc = setRdrNameSpace rdr_name tcName
-- If the user typed "[]" or "(,,)", we'll generate an Exact RdrName,
-- and setRdrNameSpace generates an Orig, which is fine
-- But it's not fine for (:), because there *is* no corresponding type
-- constructor. If we generate an Orig tycon for GHC.Base.(:), it'll
-- appear to be in scope (because Orig's simply allocate a new name-cache
-- entry) and then we get an error when we use dataTcOccs in
-- TcRnDriver.tcRnGetInfo. Large sigh.
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