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[project @ 2005-03-08 11:04:11 by simonmar]

x86_64: the assembler doesn't like generating 8-byte relative
relocations between text and rodata symbols.  Hack around this by
putting SRTs in the text segment for now.
parent 2f17466f
......@@ -227,6 +227,14 @@ sub init_TARGET_STUFF {
$T_HDR_misc = "\.text\n\t\.align 8\n";
$T_HDR_data = "\.data\n\t\.align 8\n";
$T_HDR_rodata = "\.section\t\.rodata\n\t\.align 8\n";
# the assembler on x86_64/Linux refuses to generate code for
# .quad x - y
# where x is in the text section and y in the rodata section.
# It works if y is in the text section, though. This is probably
# going to cause difficulties for PIC, I imagine.
$T_HDR_relrodata= "\.text\n\t\.align 8\n";
$T_HDR_closure = "\.data\n\t\.align 8\n";
$T_HDR_info = "\.text\n\t\.align 8\n";
$T_HDR_entry = "\.text\n\t\.align 8\n";
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