Commit b9fcd926 authored by keithw's avatar keithw
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[project @ 2000-06-07 15:33:50 by keithw]

Fix printing of unfoldings in hi-files: lambda binders are now grouped
again like they used to be, rather than printed one-at-a-time.
parent 483f06bd
......@@ -194,7 +194,10 @@ pprUfExpr add_par (UfLit l) = ppr l
pprUfExpr add_par (UfLitLit l ty) = add_par (hsep [ptext SLIT("__litlit"), pprFSAsString l, pprParendHsType ty])
pprUfExpr add_par (UfCCall cc ty) = braces (pprCCallOp cc <+> ppr ty)
pprUfExpr add_par (UfType ty) = char '@' <+> pprParendHsType ty
pprUfExpr add_par (UfLam b body) = add_par (hsep [char '\\', ppr b, ptext SLIT("->"), pprUfExpr noParens body])
pprUfExpr add_par e@(UfLam _ _) = add_par (char '\\' <+> hsep (map ppr bndrs)
<+> ptext SLIT("->") <+> pprUfExpr noParens body)
where (bndrs,body) = collectUfBndrs e
pprUfExpr add_par (UfApp fun arg) = add_par (pprUfExpr noParens fun <+> pprUfExpr parens arg)
pprUfExpr add_par (UfTuple c as) = hsTupParens c (interpp'SP as)
......@@ -220,6 +223,13 @@ pprUfExpr add_par (UfLet (UfRec pairs) body)
pprUfExpr add_par (UfNote note body) = add_par (ppr note <+> pprUfExpr parens body)
collectUfBndrs :: UfExpr name -> ([UfBinder name], UfExpr name)
collectUfBndrs expr
= go [] expr
go bs (UfLam b e) = go (b:bs) e
go bs e = (reverse bs, e)
instance Outputable name => Outputable (UfNote name) where
ppr (UfSCC cc) = pprCostCentreCore cc
ppr (UfCoerce ty) = ptext SLIT("__coerce") <+> pprParendHsType ty
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