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2.04 updates
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The Glamorous Glasgow Haskell Compiler, version 2.01, patchlevel 0
(for Haskell 1.3)
The Glamorous Glasgow Haskell Compiler, version 2.04, patchlevel 0
This is the release notes for GHC-2.03, describing what's new since the
This is the release notes for GHC-2.04, describing what's new since the
previous release:
GHC 2.03 is a minor upgrade of GHC 2.02. It differs in the following
GHC 2.04 is a minor upgrade of GHC 2.02 (and the bugfix release,
2.03), representing work done through May '97. This new release
adds the following:
* A slew of small bugs are fixed. You can find the complete list at
* Data constructors can now have polymorphic fields, and ordinary
functions can have polymorphic arguments. Details on
One bug remains un-fixed, namely the crash when there's an empty
comment at the end of file.It's wierd!
* Last-minute language changes have been implemented (minor changes
to the libraries, and to module export/hiding scope rules)
* It is only available as a source distribution. If you want to
use it you'll have to build it from source. Nowadays this is
a well-documented process (see the build and installation guide, but
note that this release is still not self-booting, you still need
to have The Good Old Compiler (0.29) at your disposal).
None of the bugs in GHC 2.02 are show-stoppers, so you'll only want
to upgrade if you are a build-from-source junkie and the bugs are
irritating you.
Apart from bug-fixes, which are itemized elsewhere,
the exact language and standard-library changes are as follows:
* A hiding clause hides the unqualified name, but not the qualified name.
* There's a new @Numeric@ library, containing mostly mildly marginal
code for showing and reading numbers. Parts of its exports used to be
exported by @Prelude@, but now you'll have to import them explicitly.
It also defines some functions that weren't provided before; have a
look in the Haskell library report for details of complete interface.
* The following extra functions are exported from IO:
try, bracket, bracket_, hGetLine, hWaitForInput
In addition, we've made following changes to GHC libraries/GHC's
implementation of the Haskell standard prelude:
* The function fromRational__, exported from PrelNum, is now called fromRat
(And it's exported by @Numeric@).
* Documentation for the Glasgow specific interfaces plus the system
libraries have been re-instated. Posix library documentation
included also.
* `maybe' is now exported from Prelude, as it should have been in 2.02.
* Equality on IO.Handle is now defined as specified by the library report.
* Ix.rangeSize returns `0' on an empty range;previously it failed.
* The new interface GlaExts which is meant to be the gateway to the
various Glasgow extensions has now been documented.
* GlaExts now exports the representation of Char
* The mutable variable interface, MutVar, has also been documented,
together with ByteArray, MutableArray and Foreign.
* Added documentation on how to compile mutually recursive modules with
Existential types coming, but not done yet.
* Pattern guards implemented, see
* Compiler can now compile itself.
* INLINE pragmas honoured (caveat: not yet
working on instance-decl methods)
* Simplifier improvements and better inlining gives
better code; not sure how *much* better.
* -dshow-rn-stats print out amusing statistics about what
the renamer does.
* When compiling without -O, the renamer (the pass responsible for
slurping in interface file and making sure everything is in scope
etc.) is now more careful about what it will bring in (especially
data constructors and instance declarations). The upshot of this
change is that a lot of the (unnecessary) work this pass did in
2.02/2.03 is now avoided.
-fno-prune-tydecls and -fno-prune-instdecls switch off these
renamer optimisations. You can try the effect with the renamer
statistics. War stories welcome.
* The Heroic Efforts of \tr{Andr\'e Santos <>} have
been included, AIX/RS6000 is now a supported \tr{ghc}
platform! Bug reports concerning this port to (as always)
* A lot of the bugs that were present in versions 2.02/2.03
have been fixed (thanks to everyone that reported bugs!).
A list of the reported problems with 2.02/2.03 can be found at
No doubt entries for 2.04 will be added here as well :-)
* This release is available in source format only. To build it you'll
need to have either a copy of GHC~0.29 or GHC~2.02/3 installed.
For people either doing porting work or work on a (supported)
platform for which there is no GHC binary bundles available, the
necessary intermediate files are also available (.hc and .hi files).
Consult the installation guide for more information on how
to build or bootstrap. The guide is included in the distribution
(in the fptools/docs directory), and an on-line version of the
document can be found at
In addition to the above, we've made the following minor changes to
the GHC libraries/our implementation of the Haskell standard prelude:
* `isPrefixOf' and `isSuffixOf' has been added to `List'
* The empty type `Void' is now exported from the prelude.
* `GlaExts' exports the `Lift' data type:
data Lift a = Lift a
you might need it someday...
* The `Foreign' interface now also exports the representations
for `Word' and `Addr'
* The low-level file handle interface in the POSIX system
library has been reworked a bit, most notably is the renaming of
`Channel' to `Fd' and the introduction of operations for converting
to and from `Handle' and `Fd' values. The changes are:
--Renamed functions (old name in square brackets)
openFd :: FilePath
-> OpenMode
-> Maybe FileMode
-> OpenFileFlags
-> IO Fd
-- [openChannel]
fdSeek :: Fd -> SeekMode -> FileOffset -> IO FileOffset
fdRead :: Fd -> ByteCount -> IO (String, ByteCount)
fdWrite :: Fd -> String -> IO ByteCount
fdClose :: Fd -> IO ()
setFdOption :: Fd -> FdOption -> Bool -> IO ()
queryFdOption :: Fd -> FdOption -> IO Bool
dup :: Fd -> IO Fd
dupTo :: Fd -> Fd -> IO ()
data FdOption = AppendOnWrite | CloseOnExec | NonBlockingRead
getFdStatus :: Fd -> IO FileStatus
-- New data structure collecting together misc flags passed to openFd
data OpenFileFlags =
OpenFileFlags {
append :: Bool,
exclusive :: Bool,
noctty :: Bool,
nonBlock :: Bool,
trunc :: Bool
--New ops for converting between Fd and Handle:
fdToHandle :: Fd -> IO Handle
handleToFd :: Handle -> IO Fd
intToFd :: Int -> Fd -- use with care.
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