Commit ba60fc61 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Make Outputable.quotes do what the comments say

Outputable.quotes claimed to drop the quotes if the enclosed thing has
a trailing single quote; but its implementation checked for
a *leading* quote.

Fixes Trac #5509
parent 96219591
......@@ -77,6 +77,7 @@ import FastString
import FastTypes
import Platform
import qualified Pretty
import Util ( snocView )
import Pretty ( Doc, Mode(..) )
import Panic
......@@ -451,14 +452,14 @@ cparen :: Bool -> SDoc -> SDoc
cparen b d = SDoc $ Pretty.cparen b . runSDoc d
-- quotes encloses something in single quotes...
-- 'quotes' encloses something in single quotes...
-- but it omits them if the thing ends in a single quote
-- so that we don't get `foo''. Instead we just have foo'.
quotes d = SDoc $ \sty ->
let pp_d = runSDoc d sty in
case show pp_d of
('\'' : _) -> pp_d
_other -> Pretty.quotes pp_d
case snocView (show pp_d) of
Just (_, '\'') -> pp_d
_other -> Pretty.quotes pp_d
semi, comma, colon, equals, space, dcolon, arrow, underscore, dot :: SDoc
darrow, lparen, rparen, lbrack, rbrack, lbrace, rbrace, blankLine :: SDoc
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