Commit ba7952bd authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Change the list of modules that are put into a separate DLL on Windows

Fixes #7780.
parent ff59fea8
......@@ -403,10 +403,8 @@ compiler_stage3_SplitObjs = NO
# There are too many symbols in the ghc package for a Windows DLL.
# We therefore need to split some of the modules off into a separate
# DLL. This clump is at the bottom of the package:
compiler_stage2_dll0_MODULES = DynFlags FastString DriverPhases PrelNames Panic Config Unique Name RdrName Outputable OccName Pretty BufWrite Encoding UniqFM UniqSet Binary FastMutInt Util BasicTypes Module FiniteMap StaticFlags SrcLoc NameSet CmdLineParser Bag MonadUtils Constants ErrUtils Maybes Exception
# Then some modules higher up the tree:
compiler_stage2_dll0_MODULES += TypeRep Type Var IdInfo Demand CoreSyn Coercion Literal DataCon CostCentre TysPrim VarEnv ListSetOps TyCon TysWiredIn Unify CoAxiom Kind VarSet ForeignCall Pair MkId CoreUtils PprCore PrimOp Id CoreFVs TcType FamInstEnv OccurAnal Digraph InstEnv Class PrelRules CoreSubst CoreUnfold MkCore HscTypes CoreArity PackageConfig IfaceSyn HsImpExp ByteCodeAsm Annotations Serialized ByteCodeItbls SMRep HsDoc StgCmmLayout ByteCodeInstr StgCmmEnv MkGraph StgCmmMonad CLabel CmmType PprCmmExpr OrdList CmmMachOp CmmExpr CmmNode CodeGen.Platform CodeGen.Platform.Arm CodeGen.Platform.NoRegs CodeGen.Platform.X86 CodeGen.Platform.X86_64 CodeGen.Platform.SPARC CodeGen.Platform.PPC CodeGen.Platform.PPC_Darwin Platform Reg StgCmmClosure CmmUtils StgCmmUtils StgSyn Cmm Hoopl.Dataflow CmmCallConv Packages RegClass UniqSupply CmmInfo StgCmmTicky StgCmmProf IfaceType NameEnv Avail OptCoercion Bitmap Stream
# DLL. This clump are the modules reachable from DynFlags:
compiler_stage2_dll0_MODULES = Annotations Avail Bag BasicTypes Binary Bitmap BlockId BreakArray BufWrite ByteCodeAsm ByteCodeInstr ByteCodeItbls ByteCodeLink CLabel Class CmdLineParser Cmm CmmCallConv CmmExpr CmmInfo CmmMachOp CmmNode CmmType CmmUtils CoAxiom CodeGen.Platform CodeGen.Platform.ARM CodeGen.Platform.NoRegs CodeGen.Platform.PPC CodeGen.Platform.PPC_Darwin CodeGen.Platform.SPARC CodeGen.Platform.X86 CodeGen.Platform.X86_64 Coercion Config Constants CoreArity CoreFVs CoreSubst CoreSyn CoreTidy CoreUnfold CoreUtils CostCentre DataCon Demand Digraph DriverPhases DynFlags Encoding ErrUtils Exception FamInstEnv FastBool FastFunctions FastMutInt FastString FastTypes Fingerprint FiniteMap ForeignCall Hoopl Hoopl.Dataflow HsBinds HsDecls HsDoc HsExpr HsImpExp HsLit HsPat HsSyn HsTypes HsUtils HscTypes Id IdInfo IfaceSyn IfaceType InstEnv InteractiveEvalTypes Kind ListSetOps Literal Maybes MkCore MkGraph MkId Module MonadUtils Name NameEnv NameSet ObjLink OccName OccurAnal OptCoercion OrdList Outputable PackageConfig Packages Pair Panic Platform PlatformConstants PprCmm PprCmmDecl PprCmmExpr PprCore PrelNames PrelRules Pretty PrimOp RdrName Reg RegClass Rules SMRep Serialized SrcLoc StaticFlags StgCmmArgRep StgCmmClosure StgCmmEnv StgCmmLayout StgCmmMonad StgCmmProf StgCmmTicky StgCmmUtils StgSyn Stream StringBuffer TcEvidence TcType TyCon Type TypeRep TysPrim TysWiredIn Unify UniqFM UniqSet UniqSupply Unique Util Var VarEnv VarSet
compiler_stage2_dll0_HS_OBJS = \
$(patsubst %,compiler/stage2/build/%.$(dyn_osuf),$(subst .,/,$(compiler_stage2_dll0_MODULES)))
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