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parent 96f33e63
......@@ -575,10 +575,10 @@ SPEC f :: ty [n] INLINE [k]
decomposeRuleLhs :: [Var] -> CoreExpr -> Either SDoc ([Var], Id, [CoreExpr])
-- Take apart the LHS of a RULE. It's supposed to look like
-- /\a. f a Int dOrdInt
-- or /\a.\d:Ord a. let { dl::Ord [a] = dOrdList a d } in f [a] dl
-- That is, the RULE binders are lambda-bound
-- (decomposeRuleLhs bndrs lhs) takes apart the LHS of a RULE,
-- The 'bndrs' are the quantified binders of the rules, but decomposeRuleLhs
-- may add some extra dictionary binders (see Note [Constant rule dicts])
-- Returns Nothing if the LHS isn't of the expected shape
decomposeRuleLhs bndrs lhs
= -- Note [Simplifying the left-hand side of a RULE]
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