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......@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ typedef struct step_workspace_ {
GC thread object
Every GC thread has one of these. It contains all the step specific
workspaces and other GC thread loacl information. At some later
workspaces and other GC thread local information. At some later
point it maybe useful to move this other into the TLS store of the
GC threads
------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
......@@ -185,7 +185,13 @@ extern gc_thread **gc_threads;
/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
The gct variable is thread-local and points to the current thread's
gc_thread structure. It is heavily accessed, so we try to put gct
into a global register variable if possible.
into a global register variable if possible; if we don't have a
register then use gcc's __thread extension to create a thread-local
Even on x86 where registers are scarce, it is worthwhile using a
register variable here: I measured about a 2-5% slowdown with the
__thread version.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
#define GLOBAL_REG_DECL(type,name,reg) register type name REG(reg);
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