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Add ghc-bignum to 8.12 release notes

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......@@ -45,6 +45,29 @@ Highlights
This improves runtime but causes increased memory usage on Windows versions
older than Win 8.1/Server 2012.
* Big-number support
- GHC now relies on a new "ghc-bignum" package to provide Integer/Natural
implementations. This package supports the following backends:
- gmp: adapted from integer-gmp package that was used before
- native: new Haskell implementation, faster than integer-simple which is
not used anymore
- All backends now use the same representation for big numbers (the one that
was previously used only by integer-gmp). It led to several compiler
simplifications, performance improvements and bug fixes (e.g.
:ghc-ticket:`15262`, :ghc-ticket:`15286`).
- All backends must provide exactly the same set of functions with
deterministic results so that they can be tested one against the other (they
can only differ in performance). As a consequence, some functions that were
only provided by integer-gmp (prime test, secure powmod, etc.) are no longer
provided by ghc-bignum. Note that other packages (e.g. hgmp) provide these
- For now GHC still doesn't allow dynamic selection of the ghc-bignum backend
to use.
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