Commit bcef1e28 authored by Gabor Greif's avatar Gabor Greif 💬
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v7.4.1 is required for building, so we can drop the v7.2.1 workaround

parent d0ddde58
......@@ -526,16 +526,6 @@ else
GhcCanonVersion = $(GhcMajVersion)$(GhcMinVersion)
# Work around #5453, which causes the stage1 compiler to segfault when
# built with 7.2.1.
ifeq "$(GhcVersion)" "7.2.1"
CONF_HC_OPTS_STAGE0 += -fno-full-laziness
compiler/cmm/Bitmap_HC_OPTS += -ffull-laziness
# urgh. Compiling cmm/Bitmap.hs with -fno-full-laziness results in
# "gmp: overflow in mpz type"
# for some unknown reason, so turn full-laziness back on for this module.
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