Commit bd877edd authored by Sylvain Henry's avatar Sylvain Henry Committed by Marge Bot

Hadrian: show default ghc-bignum backend (fix #18912)

parent ad3d2364
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......@@ -261,8 +261,8 @@ optDescrs =
"Freeze Stage2 GHC."
, Option [] ["skip-depends"] (NoArg readSkipDepends)
"Skip rebuilding dependency information."
, Option [] ["bignum"] (OptArg readBignum "BIGNUM")
"Select GHC BigNum backend: native, gmp, ffi."
, Option [] ["bignum"] (OptArg readBignum "BACKEND")
"Select ghc-bignum backend: native, gmp (default), check-gmp, ffi."
, Option [] ["progress-info"] (OptArg readProgressInfo "STYLE")
"Progress info style (None, Brief, Normal or Unicorn)."
, Option [] ["docs"] (OptArg readDocsArg "TARGET")
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