Commit bed118a4 authored by parcs's avatar parcs
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Make the fields in NameCache strict

We've already been making sure to strictly modify the global name cache
in order to avoid space leaks.  However, that does us little good if the
fields of the name cache are not made strict as well.
parent 54957b6e
......@@ -2033,9 +2033,9 @@ its binding site, we fix it up.
-- each original name; i.e. (module-name, occ-name) pair and provides
-- something of a lookup mechanism for those names.
data NameCache
= NameCache { nsUniqs :: UniqSupply,
= NameCache { nsUniqs :: !UniqSupply,
-- ^ Supply of uniques
nsNames :: OrigNameCache
nsNames :: !OrigNameCache
-- ^ Ensures that one original name gets one unique
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