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Document -ferror-spans
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......@@ -69,6 +69,12 @@
<entry>output full span in error messages</entry>
......@@ -660,6 +660,39 @@ ghc -c Foo.hs</screen>
<para>Causes GHC to emit the full source span of the
syntactic entity relating to an error message. Normally, GHC
emits the source location of the start of the syntactic
entity only.</para>
<para>For example:</para>
<screen>test.hs:3:6: parse error on input `where'</screen>
<screen>test296.hs:3:6-10: parse error on input `where'</screen>
<para>And multi-line spans are possible too:</para>
Conflicting definitions for `a'
Bound at: test.hs:5:4
In the binding group for: a, b, a</screen>
<para>Note that line numbers start counting at one, but
column numbers start at zero. This choice was made to
follow existing convention (i.e. this is how Emacs does
......@@ -1790,7 +1823,7 @@ ordinary Haskell 98, when translated to External Core, uses things like rank-2 t
<!-- Emacs stuff:
;;; Local Variables: ***
;;; mode: xml ***
;;; mode: sgml ***
;;; sgml-parent-document: ("users_guide.xml" "book" "chapter") ***
;;; End: ***
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