Commit bef7e784 authored by David Feuer's avatar David Feuer Committed by Ben Gamari

Read parentheses better

Instead of pulling a token and looking for `'('` or `')'`,
just look for the character itself. This prevents us from
lexing every single item twice, once to see if it's a
left parenthesis and once to actually parse it.

Partially fixes #12665

Make parens faster more aggressively

* Strip spaces before parsing, so we never have to strip
the same spaces twice.

* String parsers together manually, to try to avoid unnecessary closure

Test Plan: Validate

Reviewers: austin, hvr, bgamari

Reviewed By: bgamari

Subscribers: thomie

Differential Revision:

GHC Trac Issues: #12665
parent e06e21af
......@@ -287,22 +287,39 @@ lexP = lift L.lex
expectP :: L.Lexeme -> ReadPrec ()
expectP lexeme = lift (L.expect lexeme)
expectCharP :: Char -> ReadPrec a -> ReadPrec a
expectCharP c a = do
q <- get
if q == c
then a
else pfail
{-# INLINE expectCharP #-}
skipSpacesThenP :: ReadPrec a -> ReadPrec a
skipSpacesThenP m =
do s <- look
skip s
skip (c:s) | isSpace c = get *> skip s
skip _ = m
paren :: ReadPrec a -> ReadPrec a
-- ^ @(paren p)@ parses \"(P0)\"
-- where @p@ parses \"P0\" in precedence context zero
paren p = do expectP (L.Punc "(")
x <- reset p
expectP (L.Punc ")")
return x
paren p = skipSpacesThenP (paren' p)
paren' :: ReadPrec a -> ReadPrec a
paren' p = expectCharP '(' $ reset p >>= \x ->
skipSpacesThenP (expectCharP ')' (pure x))
parens :: ReadPrec a -> ReadPrec a
-- ^ @(parens p)@ parses \"P\", \"(P0)\", \"((P0))\", etc,
-- where @p@ parses \"P\" in the current precedence context
-- and parses \"P0\" in precedence context zero
parens p = optional
optional = p +++ mandatory
mandatory = paren optional
optional = skipSpacesThenP (p +++ mandatory)
mandatory = paren' optional
list :: ReadPrec a -> ReadPrec [a]
-- ^ @(list p)@ parses a list of things parsed by @p@,
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