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Comments about associated type tyvar naming

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......@@ -96,10 +96,8 @@ data DefMeth = NoDefMeth -- No default method
| GenDefMeth Name -- A generic default method
deriving Eq
type ClassATItem = (TyCon, [ATDefault])
-- Default associated types from these templates. If the template list is empty,
-- we assume that there is no default -- not that the default is to generate no
-- instances (this only makes a difference for warnings).
type ClassATItem = (TyCon, -- See Note [Associated type tyvar names]
[ATDefault]) -- Default associated types from these templates
-- We can have more than one default per type; see
-- Note [Associated type defaults] in TcTyClsDecls
......@@ -149,6 +147,25 @@ mkClass tyvars fds super_classes superdict_sels at_stuff
classTyCon = tycon }
Note [Associated type tyvar names]
The TyCon of an associated type should use the same variable names as its
parent class. Thus
class C a b where
type F b x a :: *
We make F use the same Name for 'a' as C does, and similary 'b'.
The only reason for this is when checking instances it's easier to match
them up, to ensure they match. Eg
instance C Int [d] where
type F [d] x Int = ....
we should make sure that the first and third args match the instance
This is the reason we use the Name and TyVar from the parent declaration,
in both class and instance decls: just to make this check easier.
%* *
\subsection[Class-selectors]{@Class@: simple selectors}
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