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Add note documenting refineDefaultAlt

Reviewers: sjakobi, bgamari

Reviewed By: sjakobi

Subscribers: rwbarton, thomie, carter

Differential Revision:
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......@@ -644,6 +644,7 @@ filterAlts _tycon inst_tys imposs_cons alts
impossible_alt _ _ = False
-- | Refine the default alternative to a 'DataAlt', if there is a unique way to do so.
-- See Note [Refine Default Alts]
refineDefaultAlt :: [Unique] -- ^ Uniques for constructing new binders
-> TyCon -- ^ Type constructor of scrutinee's type
-> [Type] -- ^ Type arguments of scrutinee's type
......@@ -686,6 +687,93 @@ refineDefaultAlt us tycon tys imposs_deflt_cons all_alts
| otherwise -- The common case
= (False, all_alts)
{- Note [Refine Default Alts]
refineDefaultAlt replaces the DEFAULT alt with a constructor if there is one
possible value it could be.
The simplest example being
foo :: () -> ()
foo x = case x of !_ -> ()
rewrites to
foo :: () -> ()
foo x = case x of () -> ()
There are two reasons in general why this is desirable.
1. We can simplify inner expressions
In this example we can eliminate the inner case by refining the outer case.
If we don't refine it, we are left with both case expressions.
{-# LANGUAGE BangPatterns #-}
module Test where
mid x = x
{-# NOINLINE mid #-}
data Foo = Foo1 ()
test :: Foo -> ()
test x =
case x of
!_ -> mid (case x of
Foo1 x1 -> x1)
refineDefaultAlt fills in the DEFAULT here with `Foo ip1` and then x
becomes bound to `Foo ip1` so is inlined into the other case which
causes the KnownBranch optimisation to kick in.
2. combineIdenticalAlts does a better job
Simon Jakobi also points out that that combineIdenticalAlts will do a better job
if we refine the DEFAULT first.
data D = C0 | C1 | C2
case e of
C0 -> e1
C1 -> e1
When we apply combineIdenticalAlts to this expression, it can't
combine the alts for C0 and C1, as we already have a default case.
If we apply refineDefaultAlt first, we get
case e of
C0 -> e1
C1 -> e1
C2 -> e0
and combineIdenticalAlts can turn that into
case e of
C2 -> e0
It isn't obvious that refineDefaultAlt does this but if you look at its one
call site in SimplUtils then the `imposs_deflt_cons` argument is populated with
constructors which are matched elsewhere.
{- Note [Combine identical alternatives]
If several alternatives are identical, merge them into a single
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