Commit bfce9573 authored by sof's avatar sof
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[project @ 1998-07-20 16:15:28 by sof]

importDecl: Improved warning message for (attempted) reflexive import
parent 228cc70f
......@@ -419,7 +419,8 @@ importDecl (name, loc) mode
mod = nameModule name
if mod == this_mod then -- Don't bring in decls from
pprTrace "importDecl wierdness:" (ppr name) $
addWarnRn (importDeclWarn mod name loc) `thenRn_`
-- pprTrace "importDecl wierdness:" (ppr name) $
returnRn Nothing -- the renamed module's own interface file
......@@ -1075,6 +1076,15 @@ getDeclErr name loc
quotes (ppr name), ptext SLIT("needed at"), ppr loc]
getDeclWarn name loc
= sep [ptext SLIT("Warning: failed to find (optional) interface decl for"),
= sep [ptext SLIT("Failed to find (optional) interface decl for"),
quotes (ppr name), ptext SLIT("desired at"), ppr loc]
importDeclWarn mod name loc
= sep [ptext SLIT("Compiler tried to import decl from interface file with same name as module."),
ptext SLIT("(possible cause: module name clashes with interface file already in scope.)")
] $$
hsep [ptext SLIT("Interface:"), quotes (pprModule mod), ptext SLIT(", name:"), quotes (ppr name),
ptext SLIT(", desired at:"), ppr loc
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