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SPARC NCG: Use .skip instead of .space in assembler

 - In the GNU assembler they mean the same thing
 - The Solaris assembler only has .skip
parent d95190ca
......@@ -692,7 +692,7 @@ pprData :: CmmStatic -> Doc
pprData (CmmAlign bytes) = pprAlign bytes
pprData (CmmDataLabel lbl) = pprLabel lbl
pprData (CmmString str) = pprASCII str
pprData (CmmUninitialised bytes) = ptext (sLit ".space ") <> int bytes
pprData (CmmUninitialised bytes) = ptext (sLit ".skip ") <> int bytes
pprData (CmmStaticLit lit) = pprDataItem lit
pprGloblDecl :: CLabel -> Doc
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