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declare the GC thread register variable more portably

parent 4e79709d
......@@ -181,8 +181,35 @@ typedef struct gc_thread_ {
extern nat n_gc_threads;
extern gc_thread **gc_threads;
register gc_thread *gct __asm__("%rbx");
// extern gc_thread *gct; // this thread's gct TODO: make thread-local
/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
The gct variable is thread-local and points to the current thread's
gc_thread structure. It is heavily accessed, so we try to put gct
into a global register variable if possible.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
#define GLOBAL_REG_DECL(type,name,reg) register type name REG(reg);
#if defined(REG_Base)
GLOBAL_REG_DECL(gc_thread*, gct, REG_Base)
#define DECLARE_GCT /* nothing */
#elif defined(REG_R1)
GLOBAL_REG_DECL(gc_thread*, gct, REG_R1)
#define DECLARE_GCT /* nothing */
#elif defined(__GNUC__)
extern __thread gc_thread* gct;
#define DECLARE_GCT __thread gc_thread* gct;
#error Cannot find a way to declare the thread-local gct
#endif // GCTHREAD_H
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