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[project @ 2003-04-22 20:39:59 by igloo]

Order declarations in reifications in order of source line number.
The bugs still there but it bites less often now...

Also remove the type parameterisation and do some type renaming as
discussed on the template-haskell list.
parent 1da232fc
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......@@ -217,20 +217,20 @@ cvtd (Val p body ds) = PatMonoBind (cvtp p) (GRHSs (cvtguard body)
cvtd x = panic "Illegal kind of declaration in where clause"
cvtclause :: Meta.Clause (Meta.Pat) (Meta.Exp) (Meta.Dec) -> Hs.Match RdrName
cvtclause :: Meta.Clause -> Hs.Match RdrName
cvtclause (Clause ps body wheres)
= Match (map cvtp ps) Nothing (GRHSs (cvtguard body) (cvtdecs wheres) void)
cvtdd :: Meta.DDt -> ArithSeqInfo RdrName
cvtdd :: Meta.DotDot -> ArithSeqInfo RdrName
cvtdd (Meta.From x) = (Hs.From (cvt x))
cvtdd (Meta.FromThen x y) = (Hs.FromThen (cvt x) (cvt y))
cvtdd (Meta.FromTo x y) = (Hs.FromTo (cvt x) (cvt y))
cvtdd (Meta.FromThenTo x y z) = (Hs.FromThenTo (cvt x) (cvt y) (cvt z))
cvtstmts :: [Meta.Stm] -> [Hs.Stmt RdrName]
cvtstmts :: [Meta.Statement] -> [Hs.Stmt RdrName]
cvtstmts [] = [] -- this is probably an error as every [stmt] should end with ResultStmt
cvtstmts [NoBindSt e] = [ResultStmt (cvt e) loc0] -- when its the last element use ResultStmt
cvtstmts (NoBindSt e : ss) = ExprStmt (cvt e) void loc0 : cvtstmts ss
......@@ -239,11 +239,11 @@ cvtstmts (LetSt ds : ss) = LetStmt (cvtdecs ds) : cvtstmts ss
cvtstmts (ParSt dss : ss) = ParStmt(map cvtstmts dss) : cvtstmts ss
cvtm :: Meta.Mat -> Hs.Match RdrName
cvtm (Mat p body wheres)
cvtm :: Meta.Match -> Hs.Match RdrName
cvtm (Match p body wheres)
= Match [cvtp p] Nothing (GRHSs (cvtguard body) (cvtdecs wheres) void)
cvtguard :: Meta.Rhs -> [GRHS RdrName]
cvtguard :: Meta.RightHandSide -> [GRHS RdrName]
cvtguard (Guarded pairs) = map cvtpair pairs
cvtguard (Normal e) = [GRHS [ ResultStmt (cvt e) loc0 ] loc0]
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