Commit c44da48c authored by rwbarton's avatar rwbarton

Remove extraneous debugging output (#9071)

parent 4ee4ab01
......@@ -1852,8 +1852,7 @@ pprO TupleOrigin = ptext (sLit "a tuple")
pprO NegateOrigin = ptext (sLit "a use of syntactic negation")
pprO ScOrigin = ptext (sLit "the superclasses of an instance declaration")
pprO DerivOrigin = ptext (sLit "the 'deriving' clause of a data type declaration")
pprO (DerivOriginDC dc n) = pprTrace "dco" (ppr dc <+> ppr n) $
hsep [ ptext (sLit "the"), speakNth n,
pprO (DerivOriginDC dc n) = hsep [ ptext (sLit "the"), speakNth n,
ptext (sLit "field of"), quotes (ppr dc),
parens (ptext (sLit "type") <+> quotes (ppr ty)) ]
where ty = dataConOrigArgTys dc !! (n-1)
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